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S&W 4506 Magazine Holder

S&W 4506 Magazine Holder.
This design was posted on thingiverse by userĀ sthone.

“This is a Duel Magazine Holder for S&W 4506 Mags.

I made this just for shooting competitions so I’m not sure if it would be suitable/comfortable for everyday carry.

The retention spring is secured with a 6/32″ Heat-set Insert and a 6/32″ x 1/2″ Screw.

I’m still playing around with the infill used on the retention spring for proper tension as it might weaken over time but I printed everything in PETG at 80% infill for durability so I’ll have to see how long it last.

The holder may fit other .45 mags… for reference the S&W mags this was designed for measure roughly 1.37″ x .55″. The belt loop holes are 1.65″ x .25″ so they should fit a wide variety of belts.”

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