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Ruger MKII Charging Handle

Ruger MKII Charging Handle
This design was posted on thingiverse by userĀ atooltoscream.

“This is simply a bolt racker for the Ruger MKII pistol. These are similar to manufactured aluminum versions you can find online at various websites.

But why buy one when you can print one.

I’ve printed the single tab version. My prototype fit and worked, but it felt a little flimsy. The prototype only had the stop (the little bump on top of the handle by the hole) on one side. I’m hoping that having the stop on both sides of the handle will add some rigidity and prevent any give or flexibility.

These aren’t meant to stay mounted on your bolt. Cycle the bolt, then put the charging handle to the side. The reason for the hole in the handle is so you could tie it to your wrist if you wanted.

The RING version of this has a 1.75″ (44.45 mm) opening. I measured my index finger and middle finger together with a caliper and got 1.38″ (35 mm), so there should be plenty of clearance in the ring.”

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