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Ruger BX-25 Clip

Ruger BX-25 Clip
Ruger BX-25 Clip

Ruger BX-25 Clip – Originally posted by CuriousConstruction on thingiverse
“Having several of the BX-25 for the Ruger 10-22 and having spent all my disposable income on building a 3D printer and having a desire to own some Ruger BX-25 clips it wasn’t rocket science to figure out a solution.

The Ruger magazine is full of slants and curves so it took 4 prints to get the fit I wanted. This is a fairly good friction fit on my particular samples and it leans on the tighter side. It’s far easier to sand a little off if it’s too tight than try to shim it up with something.

The clip should only fit one way based on the way the magazine curves and the two different sizes of the slants on the corners.

It’s not a perfect fit, I wasn’t shooting for perfect, just good enough to do its job.

If you find it too tight a fit on your magazine then the magazine will leave some marks on the surfaces that are rubbing and a light sanding will fix that.

You can use 1 or 2 clips per pair. 2 clips will give you a really solid pairing with more friction if you find that your magazines are smaller than mine and keep them from moving around. A single clip locks mine in pretty tight and saves a fraction of an ounce. Each clip weighs a little over half an ounce at my settings with PLA.

I thought about making it adjustable with an open space in the center and putting in a bolt that goes from side to side to squeeze the long sides together but that would have increased the space between the two magazines more than I wanted and added a weak spot. Feel free to remix it if you want something like that.

My test pieces were printed in PLA but I’ll print some ‘for real’ ones in black PETG which I think is more outdoor mud and wet friendly than PLA is. And barring someone coming out with FDE or Coyote filament, black is more tactical.”

Find download and print this design here on thingiverse:

Print Settings

Printer: MendelMax 3

Rafts: No

Supports: No

Resolution: 0.25

Infill: 30%


I printed these at 30% infill and 3 shells because I wanted the strength. At 60mm/s with my MendelMax 3 these take 54 minutes to print and cost roughly 0.50 cents to make with my PLA cost. In PETG they’ll be a little more expensive. With those settings I honestly think after some twisting and pulling you’ll break the magazines before you’ll break the clip.


You may need to sand very lightly on some of the inner surfaces to get the degree of friction you’re trying to achieve. For my particular BX25’s and my MendleMax 3 the off the plate fit is just about perfect.

How I Designed This

Designed in Studio Max, took about an half an hour to knock out and another half hour of fine tuning after printing single and shallow versions to get the inside shape just right.

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