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M&P Shield Flat trigger

M&P Shield Flat trigger
M&P Shield Flat trigger

Today we are checking out this 3d printed M&P Shield Flat trigger designed by adaptive concepts.  This is actually the third version or design of this trigger which has no safety built into the trigger.  This version is designed to be stronger then the earlier designs and we think its awesome that 3d printing is getting good enough to work on detailed parts like this.  If you have every changed the trigger in an M&P like I did when I put a Apex Performance trigger in my carry gun, you know exactly what I mean when I say this is truly amazing.   So what are you waiting for? Jump over to thingiverse to download the M&P Shield Flat trigger design and print yourself:

“M&P_940_SHIELD_V1-2-1.stl – This model is the newer model that has increased surface area around the top trigger pin. Even though the last model never failed for me, I increased the structure just for piece of mind. Still does NOT have a safety.

M&P_940_SHIELD_NOSAFETY_V1-8.stl – This model currently has no safety built into it like the previous trigger for the full size. I am currently working on that now.

I designed a flat faced trigger for my full size handgun and loved it so I decided to proceed with my compact weapon also. I have found the flat face helps me with smoother trigger pulls without wiggling the nose of the weapon in any other direction than it should be. Plus it is just a lot of fun to see if I am able to design something this intricate and have it work. This is not designed to be a OEM part replacement since it is just a 3ds printed part so USER BEWARE! you are using this piece at your own discretion. Thanks for looking!”


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