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Magpul Pmag Rack Organizer

Magpul Pmag Rack
Magpul Pmag Rack

Magpul Pmag Rack originally posted on thingiverse by jasonm621 here.

“Tired of your AR-15 Magazines cluttering up valuable space in your gun safe? Wait no longer! Now you can store your Magpul Gen M1, M2 or M3 Polymer magazines also know as Pmags conveniently where you couldn’t before leaving you the clean and functional safe you always wanted. These “Pmag Racks” are very versatile. Mounting options allow you to mount them virtually anywhere and the magazines will slide into the rack in any 1 of 11 configurations, Not counting a floor-mounted application of course;
(Left Wall) Slide in forward or Down
(Right Wall) Slide in forward or Down
(Back Wall) Slide in Left to Right, Right to Left or Down
(Ceiling) Slide in Left to Right, Right to Left, Forward or even Back towards you!

Magpul Pmag Rack
Magpul Pmag Rack

These racks have mounting holes to accept #4 countersunk wood screws. The bottom of the magazine simply slides in and is held by gravity, also allowing you to also store your magazines with dust covers attached making your magazines readily available to be deployed for your next day at the range.
Sketchup and .STL files attached for the “Pmag Racks” that will hold 1,2, or 3 magazines to accommodate your storage solutions. You may even find that you have space to hold more rifle ammunition like GM308M rounds (or more AR-15 Magazines, your choice.)

Magpul Pmag Rack

Remember it is your responsibility to store firearms safety and deter any unauthorized access to your firearms and ammunition. Be smart, lead by example and don’t be the one to give shooting sports and your 2nd amendment right something to frown upon.”


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