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Glock magazine base extension version 2

Glock Magazine extension
Glock Magazine extension

Glock Magazine extension

Back in January we shared a 3 round base pad extension for the Glock 10mm. Here is a new version that is all one piece instead of the 3 piece design from before.  This one should be easier to print and overall a cleaner design. This can be modified to fit any of the Glock models and Calibers. The depth could also be modified to allow for more rounds to fit, but this might create a need for new springs which are readily available for other aftermarket extensions.

The design was originally posted on Grabcad by user pieter here: So what are you waiting for, pick up one the the 3d printers on our best under $1000 and get printing. Also When you do let us know in the comments and share how it turned out!

Glock Magazine extension Glock Magazine extensionGlock Magazine extension


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