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Update to our previous post Glock Magazine Extension Update Thanks to user IVIUPPET who actually printed these out to test.
“Part shown next to a Pierce +2 extension for size comparison. While the fit and finish is more refined, this Thing sure does the job and I can’t complain about being able to extend my mags with similar functionality to the Pierce without paying $10+ for a few grams of plastic. It is also a great way to uniquely separate yours from everyone else who dropped their Glock mags in the grass, while adding two rounds.

I used to want to print my firearm accessories in black to make it look more like a factory part, but lately I’ve been digging the white “I fabbed this plastic myself” look… Results in interesting comments at matches 😀

Note: My testament to functionality is on a 9mm glock, as opposed to the 10mm the part was remixed off of. I had to stick a knife in the spring area to push it around a bit to get the +2 capacity, but glad to see some caliber diversity!”


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