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Benelli ES100 Open Sight

Benelli Sight
3d Printed Benelli Sight

This was a 3D printed component designed for my Benelli ES100 12ga shotgun. After a turkey sight broke, I utilized the fasteners and associated hardware to retrofit this 3D printed sight onto the shotgun. The underside groove locates the sight on the barrel rail. The two semi-spherical dimples were colored in with red ceramic marker against the black PLA plastic for a crisp locating sight. The sight opening is 3/8in which has been optimal for quick-paced, close range hunting of small game and birds. The opening is not enclosed to allow easy cleaning of debris, and the opening tapers outwards from the aperture forward at 30 degrees for improved visibility and a wide field of view. Originally printed on a XYZprinting Da Vinci 1.0 3D Printer, Grey

Originally posted on Grabcad. Find the STL file on thingiverse here

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