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3d Printed Ruger 22/45 Magazine Basepad

3d Printed Ruger 22/45 Basepads
3d Printed Ruger 22/45 Basepads

Here is a design to print your very own ruger 22/45 magazine basepads.  These are perfect for competition to give yourself an edge or just to add an edgy look when your out of the range by printing in different colors.  I printed myself a set of 5 for each of my magazines using my XYZprinting Da Vinci 1.0 3D Printer and they came out perfectly.  In fact I ended up modifying the design using tinkercad to number the bottom and add a little more material to make those quick reloads even quicker. You can find the design on thingiverse here:

3d Printed Ruger22_45_Floor_plate_rev_7_preview_featured22_45_Floor_plate_on_mag_1_rev_7_preview_featured

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