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3d Printed Ruger 10-22 Extended Mag Release

3d Printed Ruger 10-22 Extended Mag Release
3d Printed Ruger 10-22 Extended Mag Release

Features of 3d printed Ruger 10-22 extended mag release

One of the best and unique features of this 3d printed gun part is its compatibility with the standard Ruger magazine release. The stock piece comes with a ½” tab that sticks down from in front of the trigger guard.  This is where the extended mag release is attached. This extended release is essential for the smooth operation of the gun; you can feel decent friction while changing the magazine which helps in quick action and easy changeover processes. Handling this product is also a smooth process. Improving the ergonomics of your firearm is quite easy with this 3d printed Ruger 10-22 extended mag release, by making use of middle finger one can quickly drop the lever without changing their grip. There are very few chances the magazine will accidentally drop free thanks to the design being stable and stiff. These are some general features and functionalities of 3d printed Ruger 10-22 extended mag release.

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