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3d Printed Glock Grip Plug

3d Printed Glock Grip Plug
3d Printed Glock Grip Plug

The 3d Printed Glock Grip Plug plays an important role in fixing and removing the magazine, this part is designed in such a way that it offers smooth relay in inserting the magazine into its magazine well. One of the technically effective features of this 3d Printed Glock Grip Plug is it avoids every possibility of snagging especially on the open space of the frame, since the Plug is flush fit in nature. This 3d Printed Glock Grip Plug also controls debris and dirt which generally enter from backstrap channel.

3d Printed Glock Grip Plug can make your Glock reloads smoother

3d printed gun parts are gaining more popularity because they allow users to easily customize and design products that don’t yet exist or duplicate other products for a fraction of the cost. These 3d printed guns and their parts can be customized on the basis of your requirement. The Glock Grip Plug is one of the key elements that every Glock owner should have.

Our readers know that PrintedFirearm is not just about sharing cool designs and 3d printed gun related items but actually providing the source so you can download, modify and 3d print your very own.  This Glock Grip Plug STL file was originally posted on Thingiverse by user IVIUPPET where you can also find complete details of the download which includes measurements and compatibility. Find the best 3d Printed Glock Grip Plug for your firearm online right here on and remember to share with all your range buddies.

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