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3d Printed CZ Mag Holster

3d Printed CZ Mag Holster
3d Printed CZ Mag Holster

I really wanted to make my own holsters for practical shooting competitions. I am a keen shooter with plenty of tactical holsters but I needed something for my ammunition. After some back and forth I landed on making a dual model, which would keep the mags always at the same location to each other.

I found this great looking dual mag from XD GEAR when i did i quick google search:






Since it is next to impossible to buy weapon accessories from overseas I figured I would use this as a reference when designing my own dual mag holster

I also wanted to make sure that the mags would always keep in place when running/jumping etc. so I installed 2 neodymium magnets for each mag just in case as the picture below shows:


The holster is designed to be treaded on to a belt. It will fit any belt with dimensions below 50mm x 7mm.

I also made it slightly curved to follow the bodys contours:


This project turned out exactly how i wanted it to. I printed it at 100um resolution.It only took one print and all the dimensions was perfect. Feel free to download the file and make one for yourself. Find the file on thingiverse here













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