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3d Printed AR-15 Magazine Loading Spoon

AR-15 Magazine Loading Spoon
AR-15 Magazine Loading Spoon

The following is a 3d printed version of an AR-15 stripper spoon, used to load AR-15 magazines. Spoons frequently get lost and often get bent into an unusable form. A plastic replacement should not only be cheaper but also more reliable. In order to create this object, thingiverse user Caboose took actual dimensions of multiple stripper spoons and created a plastic one with some beefing up. If you do not have an AR-15, but would love to have one so you can use this 3d printed stripper spoon, there is a chance you can win one by applying here.

This object is intended to assist in the loading of 10 round stripper clips into either 20 or 30rd standard AR-15 STANAG magazines and other compatible magazines. Use of this spoon is identical to metal loading spoons.

To do use the spoon, first grasp magazine firmly. Place spoon on magazine and seat firmly. Take stripper and insert into small slot in spoon. Lift top round and make perpendicular to clip. Leverage force down so the rear of the cases are being pressed. Push down. Remove stripper and spoon. Repeat as needed.

Change List

V2: Tweaked dimensions a bit, works fine now. V1 was too tight.
V1: Initial release, untested

Originally posted on thingiverse by user Caboose.  Find the design here:


AR-15 Magazine Loading Spoon (Caboose) / CC BY 3.0

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