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3d Printed AR-10 (CM901/LE901) Lower Receiver

3d printed AR-10
3d printed AR-10

“This is the FIRST EVER 3d Printed AR-10 (CM901/LE901) lower receiver by JT! OH YES WE DID!!!!!!! Yes people its pure awesome sauce and it has been tested, fired with little to no issues. JT and the gang continue to perfect this design and you are CRAZY not to expect MOAR AR-10 from fosscad on the reg. #MOARGUNS!” – MaDuce (Fosscad member)

If you have been following my blog you already know that JT uses the same da vinci 1.0 printer as I have and was able to create this awesome lower.  If your interested in getting your own 3d printer you should check it out here: XYZprinting Da Vinci 1.0 3D Printer

Just because this particular gun shoots a different caliber it is not a huge advancement in terms of what the end product is. The principle is the same as any other 3d printed gun or homemade gun for that matter. The only reason 3d printers achieve this reaction or attention is because it is something new. Guns have been legally made by individuals in the USA using much simpler technologies as far back as one can look.

This receiver is durable enough to work. The reality is the lower receiver in an AR style weapon does not need to be that strong. Is it as strong as metal? No. Is it as strong as wood? Probably not. Is it strong enough to work? Yes and it has proven just that. The owner/creator claims it shot over 100rds without any issues and no visible wear and tear.

Note the design and photos are from the Fosscad community which you can find here
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