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3d Printed 9mm ammo box 100 rounds

9mm Ammo Box
9mm Ammo Box

This is an ammo box designed for 9mm, 100 rounds. You may need to touch up the hinges with a 1.5mm drill bit, then use two 1.5mm x 25mm headless nails. It’s very important to use a cooler when printing the hinges. I’ve added a support in the closing flange in the lid, so it can print it horizontally, doing this will make the box close very well. You may need to touch the fitting with a needle file after removing the support. It’s a very fine adjustment to make it close perfectly, but it can be done, I’ve done it dozens of times.  This was originally posted and can be downloaded from thingiverse here:

9mm ammo box 100 rounds (lucassiglo21) / CC BY-NC 3.0


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