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3d print in Carbon Fiber

3d print in carbon fiber
3d print in carbon fiber

Now it is possible to 3d print in carbon fiber. One of the things that keeps 3D prints from being useful in everyday applications is the structural instability of the plastic print material–it either bends or snaps under load. ┬áNo doubt we have the same problems when printing many of the designs related to guns and firearms including a few featured right here on MarkForged makes a 3D printer that does something new: it can reinforce printed parts with carbon fiber or fiberglass for rigidity and strength. We chat with MarkForged’s CEO about how this print process works test some of its prints. It won’t make our list of printers under $1000 but with tech like this its worth the premium.

If your interested in something a little cheaper you should check out the XYZprinting Da Vinci 1.0 3D Printer


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